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About Lisa Kamen & Harvesting Happiness

Happiness is a journey of self-discovery which can lead us to a lifetime of healthy flourishing, positive well-being and joyful living.

Unlike trendy fads, sustainable happiness never goes out of style and we want YOU to be at the height of classic, timeless, lifestyle fashion, by wearing a genuine smile, earned through hard work, emotional roller coasters, laughter, tears and all the moments in between.

It is the mission of Harvesting Happiness to help cultivate joy as a choice by teaching acceptance of the past, being present in the moment, and transforming our perspective into one that envisions a bright and thriving future.

Regardless of what your life story has been, you deserve to harvest your own happiness. . .
To learn user-friendly tips and simple tools to help you join the happiness movement, grab your free e-book Got Happiness Now? Eight Keys To Unlocking A Joyful Life as your free gift today.

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