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H-Factor Productions Launches YouTube TV Channel

H-Factor Productions is proud to present the Harvesting Happiness TV Channel hosted by Lisa Cypers Kamen on You Tube. This upcoming channel is dedicated to bringing quality, thought-provoking material to the public on the subject of happiness and happiness psychology. Ms. Kamen will feature interviews with industry professionals, insiders and other individuals, speaking on the topic of positive psychology, wellbeing and unique personal experiences. In conjunction with guest segments, Ms. Kamen will speak directly to the viewing audience to share her thoughts, educational materials and positive psychology tips.

H-Factor Productions Premiered Film “H-Factor . . What is Your Happiness” for Veterans at Sundance Resort in Utah

H-Factor Productions was proud to present Lisa Cypers Kamen new film, “H-Factor…What Is your Happiness,” which premiered at the  Veterans Therapy Weekend Retreat at Sundance Resort in Utah the weekend of October 14th.

H-Factor’s film, produced and directed by Lisa Cypers Kamen  re-enforced the weekend’s theme and held an open discussion after the premiere.  For more information on screening the film please contact us here.