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helaing power of music Lisa Cypers KamenHealing Power of Music

If you’ve ever found solace in your favorite song, you already know that music can work wonders on your mood. But there’s evidence that the healing power of music goes well beyond that: new research shows that the tempo, movement and dynamics in a piece of music can trigger a unique brain response that can help people overcome physical and emotional trauma. One of the most high-profile music therapy success stories is Sen. Gabrielle Giffords, who credits this creative form of therapy for her miracle-like recovery from the tragic Tucson shooting. Music is therapy, and it’s time we embrace its healing powers.

That’s why Harvesting Happiness for Heroes is so excited to join creative forces with Virginia Beach-based singer-songwriter Bekah Eden. A cause artist with an unbelievable knack for giving voice to emotion, Bekah wrote and produced the song “In Between” to chronicle the struggle of Veterans living with PTSD and other invisible wounds of war. From the first moment we heard the song’s soaring melody, powerful piano line and inspired lyrics, we knew it would resonate with our Veterans, their families, and anyone else living with trauma.

HH4H’s official anthem, “In Between” will be released worldwide this week

premiering on the Seattle-based terrestrial radio station WAVE. A portion of the proceeds from Bekah’s song will go directly to HH4Heroes’ nonprofit programming, which provides stigma-free and mission-driven integrated combat trauma programming for Veterans with PTSD and their families. We know the song will inspire you just as much as it has inspired HH4H and the Warriors we serve. Show your support for our Veterans, HH4H and Bekah Eden by purchasing a copy of “In Between” on iTunes.

Click on the link below to enjoy Eden’s touching tribute to our brave warriors.

In Between

Music heals, but so does action. That’s why HH4H is working with Groupon Grassroots to offer 20 scholarships each in May and June for Veterans desiring to participate in private our six 90-minute weekly Online community program designed to reclaim wellness after war through our R.E.B.O.O.T. program. Designed to reach underserved communities, R.E.B.O.O.T. provides Warriors suffering from PTSD with online integrated combat trauma recovery group coaching sessions to help them overcome their trauma and reclaim their happiness.

For more information on R.E.B.O.O.T, including how to apply for a scholarship, visit our website. And be sure to support our Veterans by purchasing “In Between” by Bekah Eden on iTunes.

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