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Lisa Cypers Kamen Positive Psychology Life Coach

“Happiness Is An Inside Job!” ™ – Lisa Cypers Kamen

Lisa Cypers Kamen is a nationally recognized positive  psychology life coach, happiness expert, teacher, author, speaker, radio host and the documentary filmmaker behind H-Factor…Where Is Your Heart?

Whether you are seeking guidance, making a life change, undergoing a trauma or needing deeper insight and/or positive wellbeing therapy, Ms. Kamen and the Harvesting Happiness Company can assist you. Personalized positive psychology is Harvesting Happiness’ top priority and we can provide it nationally in individual and group session coaching. We also offer broader life coaching advice to the public on the Harvesting Happiness radio show, which airs weekly on Wednesdays at 12:00 pm EST.

Life coaching is a valuable tool for assisting individuals with physical change, self-esteem, emotional health, daily living habits and maintaining overall wellbeing skills. Ms. Kamen has personally assisted clients around the world with their life coaching needs and is a recognized expert in her field.

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