By Lisa Cypers Kamen

Focusing on now means that you focus on what is happening in the present. You can’t change what happened yesterday and you don’t know what tomorrow will bring so focus on what is happening right now.

Remember too that you can’t fix what happened yesterday and you can’t fix anything that may happen tomorrow. It’s all about now- you can fix everything right now. The things that happened yesterday and what is yet going to happen tomorrow can’t be changed. It’s all about focusing on the present.

If you are focusing on the past, including past mistakes or past hurts, you are going to bring lots of negative feelings to the present. What about your future? If you are looking at things you’d like to accomplish someday, then you are missing out on the joy of the present and all the moments you can experience right now!

To stay focused on now, think of the following statements:

What you can do now.
What you can say now.
How you are feeling right now.
What you want to happen in your life now.
What you believe now.

Remember that this all starts with you! You can choose to focus on the present and bring happiness into your life. It can be as easy as you want it to be.

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