By Lisa Cypers Kamen

Do you want to help others by giving back? You may be asking yourself, ‘Where do I start?’ Here are some tips to get you started on finding a volunteer opportunity.

Research the issue or cause that is most important to you and find a group that works with those issues.

Look at the skills you could offer and use them to find the opportunity that suits you. If you enjoy being around children or want to mentor them, then look for organizations that also do that.

Learn a new skill. If you are looking to learn something new, look for a nonprofit organization that is seeking volunteers, realizing at the same time that training may be part of your commitment.

Make sure that your volunteer work fits your schedule. Devote the time you can to whatever organization you are volunteering for, but don’t let your other commitments suffer and be sure you still have time for yourself.

Questions may come up. Organizations have to be careful who they accept as volunteers, so don’t be surprised if you asked to fill out an application or come in for an interview. If you have children, look for ways that you as a family can volunteer or ways that fathers and sons as well as mothers and daughters can volunteer together.

Become a virtual volunteer. Some organizations are now seeking volunteers via the Internet. You might be able to help a person with a disability type a paper for a college class or email someone who is homebound.

These are just a few tips on how you can start looking for opportunities to volunteer.


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