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 ln Are We Happy Yet? Eight Keys to Unlocking a Joyful Life, internationally acclaimed happiness expert Lisa Cypers Kamen offers breakthrough strategies for creating your own personal “happiness revolution.” Using anecdotes, exercises and a straight-forward approach to cultivating happiness and joy in one’s own life, Are We Happy Yet?will help readers harness the H-Factor (happiness factor) for a more fulfilling life.


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What People Are Saying About “Are We Happy Yet?”

“In her inspiring book, Are We Happy Yet? Eight Keys to Unlocking a Joyful Life Lisa Cypers Kamen delightfully shares her enthusiasm for the happiness that resides within each of us. She offers the reader an opportunity to remember how to let their light shine and practical keys for doing so!”

—H. Ronald Hulnick Ph.D and Mary R. Hulnick Ph.D
Authors of Loyalty to Your Soul

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy, said the Dalai Lama, but that purpose itself requires a persevering heart for our sadness to be endured long enough for true happiness to be our lot. Lisa Cypers Kamen reminds us that an abundant harvest of happiness results when the love we have for ourselves and others forgives in greater abundance. Reading Lisa Kamen’s book is not a pre-­condition to happiness, but it is essential to it since Lisa brings out the “wonder” in our wonderful life. In a world that seems to print only bad news; where friendships are virtual, and therefore, too often without meaning, Lisa Kamen is a tonic for the weary soul. Kamen’s essential insight is in the tradition of the revered Abraham Lincoln who reminded us that “most folks can be happy if they just set their mind to be.”

—Ambassador Douglas W. Kmiec
Author of Lift Up Your Hearts: A True Story of Loving
One’s Enemies; Tragically Killing One’s Friends & the
Life That Remains

“For those who find happiness to be elusive this book is a perfect road map. I recommend it whole-­heartedly.”

—Arun Gandhi
President, Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute

“Lisa speaks about happiness and fearlessness while compelling us to listen. She knows how to overcome adversity and has gone beyond boundaries to reach us with compassion, trust and fearless vision by challenging us to be responsible for creating happiness no matter what life brings and what amazing things we can accomplish when we live fearlessly through joy. She inspires me and all those she reaches.”

—Agapi Stassinopoulos
Author of Unbinding The Heart

“Happiness starts with YOU, make the most powerful choices for Happiness and a more powerful life! Namaste”

—Greg Louganis