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Sleep Disorders of the Rich and FamousDifficulty sleeping at night can be tough for many people, including those you might not even think about.  Sleep disorders include narcolepsy (narcolepsy is a medical condition that makes one go to sleep suddenly and when he does not expect it), sleepwalking, sleep apnea, insomnia, sleep paralysis, and a host of other disorders can affect just about anyone at any age.

All the aforementioned sleep disorders do not only occur in ordinary people, but also those whom you perhaps most admire. Some famous and rich people today also have the same problem. Who they are? Below is the list of the very well-known people with a sleep disorder.


Here are a few “Sleep Disorders of the Rich and Famous”

· Thomas Alva Edison

He was very well-known for his invention – the electric light bulb. Many people admire him a lot, but did you know that he was also a victim of sleep disorder? He only slept very little every night. Some reports claim that he took naps and oftentimes fell into micro sleep. Considering he worked closely with electricity; he was lucky he was not hurt. You know that sleep deprivation can result in dangerous accident!

· Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel was born on November 13, 1967. He has become a TV host, comedian, and bass clarinet player. He is renowned for hosting – “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” co-hosting “Man-Show” as well as popular for the production of famous shows, like “Crank Yankers”. Unfortunately, Jimmy Kimmel is also a narcoleptic.

· Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer was rumored to have repeated occurrence of sleepwalking – technically known as “nightmare wandering” or “somnambulism”. Based on the research in the journal “Neurology,” one in three adults may have at least one stage of nighttime sleepwalking during his/her lifetime. Those who are frequent night sleepwalkers (at least twice per month) might also have health conditions – such as depression, alcohol abuse, or sleep apnea. It can also be a side effect of some medications.

· Shaquille O’Neal

Who would have thought that Shaquille O’Neal also has sleep disorder? He has sleep apnea – a sleep disorder that is characterized by frequent interruptions in breathing while asleep and often causes a person to wake up gasping. The retired basketball star has been diagnosed with sleep apnea and he uses a machine (CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure) to aid in stabilizing his breathing at night.

· Keith Olbermann

Olbermann is a former MSNBC talk show host as well as outspoken pundit. He is diagnosed with restless legs syndrome – a condition that causes pain in both legs that occurs at night and prevents sleeping. His sleep disorder issue was discussed in a “New Yorker” profile that also talked about his intense work schedule.

So if you struggle with a sleeping disorder, know that you are in the company of some famous people as well! No one is immune to a sleep disorder for sure. If you’re struggling with a sleep disorder, you may want to consult your doctor to talk about how to prevent your sleep disorder from troubling you.




A new baby typically results in 400-750 hours lost sleep for parents in the first year

One of the best predictors of insomnia later in life is the development of bad habits from having sleep disturbed by young children.

The continuous brain recordings that led to the discovery of REM (rapid eye-movement) sleep were not done until 1953, partly because the scientists involved were concerned about wasting paper.


Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 4.32.13 PMIt is my continued desire to share knowledge about all things that help us thrive, flourish, create, maintain and share happiness. I can’t emphasize enough what a good night of restorative sleep does for our bodies, minds and emotions. In my experience as health and wellness editor at Sleep and Wellness Magazine I have been called upon to weave a user-friendly true story about the nature of our inner garden and the impact of “sleep-fulness” and sleeplessness upon our overall health and wellbeing. Modern life has made many aspects of the daily routine easier and at the same time, added volumes of stress that make the simple pleasures, such as a great sleep, somewhat illusive. When we learn to slow down and “be” with life, in life and immersed with presence and attention wonderful things can happen. Enjoy this series on the Magic of Sleep!

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