It is my pleasure to enthusiastically recommend Lisa Kamen’s film “H-Factor . . . Where is Your Heart?” and the Harvesting Happiness workshops to the college/universities speaker bureau.  As I anticipated, Lisa’s film was extremely well received.  What I had not anticipated was how amazingly wonderful the conversation would be after the film  . . . After the class, Lisa was surrounded by students who wanted to continue the discussion.  I taught the course consecutively for 3 semesters, each semester, inviting Lisa to show her film and lead a discussion with the class during the final week.  It has consistently been the highlight of the course.  Our evaluations for the course have been very strong and the course was selected as the most outstanding in its category (applied science) at USC last year.  Lisa Kamen’s visit with the students was very likely critical to our success.  She inspired the students with her film and in discussion.  I am confident that her film workshops will be very well received by students, and that they will leave a lasting and positive impression.  I could not be more enthusiastic in my recommendation.

John Monterosso, Phd, Asst. Professor of Psychology, University of Southern California

I highly recommend attendance to the Harvesting Happiness Workshop.  There is no doubt that all who have the pleasure of working with Ms. Kamen will leave with new information, heightened outlook on what they want and the tools to do the same with their clients.

Matthew Berenc, Fitness Manager, Equinox Fitness Clubs

In my opinion, Lisa’s Happiness Workshop was a great experience for my agency.  Lisa’s presentation was well organized, well executed and well worth the time and effort we spent promoting and hosting the events . . . The effects of the workshops are still felt in our office where staff proudly display collages on their cubicles as reminders of the time spent at the happiness workshop and the awakening it provided them, which is a testament to the effectiveness of the material as well as the presenter.

Kim McNeal, NYC Parks & Recreation, Manhattan Chief of Recreation

I am in college and I think I learned something here that I never would have learned in my school. To think about myself in terms of happiness – not just what things make me happy was really and eye opener. The documentary was moving and it made me really appreciate my family and friends.

Jasmin R,

The Harvesting Happiness worshop was so wonderful and I really saw a difference in my life and how and what I viewed as happiness. Examining my own happiness made it possible for me to actively create my own happiness with respect to my family, my friends, my desires and my interests. It was really eye opening and I wish I had access to this powerful information earlier in my life as I believe it would have manifested in a very positive way. I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in creating a wonderful life that resonates with them personally.

Susan H,