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Florida Orange Juice’s Happiness Expert Lisa Cypers Kamen Shares 10 Tips To Lift Your Valentine’s Day Attitude

Do you find yourself admiring your co-workers bouquet of roses from your empty desk? Are you giving dirty looks to every person who walks by with a box of chocolates or a shiny ring? Do you fake excitement for all of your buddies with dates while you’re alone at the Gym working through the Valentine’s Day blues? Instead of moping around and throwing darts at your room mates heart balloons, you could be feeling on top of the world, confident and amazing by learning to love yourself. Florida Orange Juice’s Take On The Day Happiness Expert Lisa Cypers Kamen shares the following tips on how you can take on Valentines Day alone or with a significant other with a positively killer mood.

1. Be a Goalie. Pick an accomplished goal to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. Accomplishments provide satisfaction that can be celebrated on your own, with a partner or a group of friends.

2. Be a friend. Whether it be a boyfriend, a raise at work or a new pair of shoes, genuinely enjoying the happy moments in your friends lives help you recognize what types of moments make you happy too. Treating yourself like a friend can definitely put a positive spin on what’s good in your life and can turn any frown upside down.

3. Be Grateful. An attitude of gratitude can go a long way when feeling down. Pick one thing you are grateful for when you wake up and let that be the focus of celebrating the holiday.

4. Put on a happy face. A smile says a thousand words and eventually those words say that you are happy, confident and ready to take on the day-yes, even Valentine’s Day.

5. Listen. A good listener is priceless, especially when you need to talk. Lending an ear to a friend who needs to blow off some steam or being the boyfriend that really listens to his girl on Valentine’s Day can mean more than words.

6. Serve. Valentine’s Day exists to express love. Why not give some time to a charity on the holiday? Whether with friends, on your own or with a romantic partner, giving service can grow your realm of love and get you out of a blue mood in a matter of minutes.

7. Think outside the Box. Do something on Valentine’s Day a little out of your comfort zone. Go biking, play that sport your boyfriend or girlfriend has been begging you to play, get out of the city, plan a picnic, go to a museum. Experiencing something new on your own, in a group or with your romantic flame, will get you out of your comfort zone and remind you to be adventurous.

8. Have Fun. Who says Valentine’s Day has to be romantic? Try a new food with your friends, go to a movie or a comedy club, sign up for an art class or go dancing together. Having fun is a huge mood booster and can remind you of how much fun you really are.

9. Relax. If you are a solo act for the holiday, relax. Plan a massage, watch your favorite movie while wearing your robe, and indulge in that box of truffles you bought yourself just to celebrate you.

10. Start the Day off Right. Regardless of your relationship status on Valentine’s Day, you can celebrate your health by starting off the day right. Try a glass of 100% Florida Orange Juice with a scrambled egg and whole wheat toast. A healthy diet will kill any blue mood and help you feel good about yourself on any holiday.

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