“Happiness Is An Inside Job!” ™

Hailed nationally as “refreshing, interesting, insightful and thought-provoking,” Harvesting Happiness workshops are a unique experience for individuals, small groups, large organizations and companies alike. Each workshop is built around a tailored theme chosen by the host site and incorporates enriching hands-on learning techniques.

Each workshop includes a screening of Lisa Cypers Kamen’s documentary film “H-Factor-Where is Your Heart?”, which introduces the foundation of the Harvesting Happiness Company, and sets the tone for each specialized theme.

Creative projects explore the origins of personal happiness for each individual in attendance. Interactive discussion with Ms. Kamen allows the audience to personally express their thoughts, opinions, observations and questions regarding the workshop theme.

Popular Harvesting Happiness workshop themes are listed below:

  • • Happiness and Profitable Workplace
  • Harvesting the Love You Want
  • Harvesting Your Wealth
  • Happiness After Loss
  • Happy and Healthy Campus Life
  • Surviving Hard Times
  • Being Happily Pissed Off
  • Motherhood and Happiness Stages
  • Creating a Happy Family
  • Positivity and Health

Please contact us here for more information or if you are interested in booking a Harvesting Happiness workshop for your organization, company meeting or retreat.