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become a morning person happiness7 Ways to Become a Morning Person

When you start your day with awareness of how important the role of happiness is in it, you will get better results (and less frustration).  A positive attitude and authentic happiness you can turn any mountain into a molehill.

That rush hour jam can become a personal jam session when you let go of what you can’t control and are empowered by what you can.

If you can give a small commitment to planning and a bit of time, you can help to ensure you wake up with the intention of being happy.

These 7 tips will help you get happy – you just may become a morning person:

1. Rise and stretch to help you shine

When that alarm goes off, not too many people are eager to just jump out of bed and start the day. That’s okay! Take a few minutes to stretch out and breathe in—wake your body up and think good thoughts for your day.


2. Let gratitude flow

The second your eyes wake up there is a “no brainer” that you can be grateful for, and that is that you woke up. Give yourself a minute or two to reflect on the things that you are grateful for. Do this while you’re stretching or get up an extra ten minutes early so you can reflect on these things in a tranquil place. This is time better spent than seeing what the insomniacs on your social media were up to overnight.


3. Enjoy a proper breakfast

You’re a champion and breakfast is considered the meal of champions. You need to give your body the right fuel to start your day and to prepare you for all that comes your way after that point. The foods that offer good energy without weighing you down include: yogurt, fruit, toast, oatmeal, and sausage. Let the cup of coffee be your treat and understand that a sugar rush from a pastry or soda is not a source of good fuel for you to go all day on.


4. Be in awe over the power of being organized

If you devote even a few minutes to organizing for the next day the night before you’re going to be better off when you start your day. Consider picking out what you’re going to wear the next day and making sure that you are ready for the world with a calm and tranquil disposition. This could be the best five minutes you spend at the end of your day. It can also extend to starting to make your lunch for the next day or encouraging your kids to do the same.


5. Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary

Your quality of sleep is linked to production, health, and happiness. You need to make the most of it. Simple solutions like turning off electronics at least an hour before bedtime can help you fall asleep better and sleep more deeply. Making sure you don’t have that “wind down glass of wine” too close to bedtime is also a smart choice. When you go to sleep, you should want to sleep. Don’t bring your worries with you. It may not sound easy, but it is possible. Following all these tips will help greatly with this.


6. Let your great attitude be your guide

All those pessimistic thoughts that limit you or keep you from happiness can be rejected. Denied! Don’t accept that you can’t sleep good or you will never be a morning person. You can take steps to be all things that your pessimistic self says you are not. If happiness had a Bill of Rights, focusing on a great attitude would be #1.


7. Use the powerful tools of mindfulness, prayer, and/or meditation

When you are aware of your body’s response to your environment you are receiving a signal about what may be happening internally. When you wake up in the morning a new opportunity to give your best has presented itself. Regardless of which directions your faith and spirituality guide you, take some time to acknowledge your present state on a daily basis. When you know how to spiritually ground yourself you’ll be able to make your days better—starting from the time you wake up.


Craft your morning in such a way that it sets you up for a more successful day. You’ll be more alert, have a brighter perspective, and feel less overwhelmed or inundated by those little unexpected situations that make up life. Plus, happiness is contagious.


Lisa Cypers Kamen is a lifestyle management consultant who explores the art and science of happiness in her work as a speaker, author, and happiness expert. Through her globally syndicated positive psychology podcast, books, media appearances, and documentary film, Kamen has impacted millions of people around the world.

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