Don’t you love to watch movies that have the courageous man or woman who is full of valor and bravery to battle darkness and danger victoriously?  You kind of fall in love with their resolve to be brave no matter how fearful they may be or how dangerous the situation is. Valor is simply that supernatural strength of spirit in the face of adversity or darkness.

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” E.E. Cummings

Do you want to possess the characteristic of valor and bravery?  Do you want to be the one that is the first to speak up when wrongful acts are going on? When someone is being bullied or hurt in some way? Even if you get in trouble?  Increasing bravery is possible with a little bit of effort and wisdom. Here are some ways you can increase in valor:

  1. Become a speaker or volunteer. Getting out of your comfort zone will help you become braver. It will probably cause you some anxiety to think about sharing your expertise or story with an audience, but allowing courage to rise up and do it anyway automatically increases your valor.
  2. Don’t cave to peer pressure or social norms. Being able to go against the status quo speaks a lot about your bravery. Many people succumb to peer pressure because they want to be accepted and avoid conflict.  But the majority should not always be in the rule, especially if the majority are being mean, doing harmful things, or just staying stagnant when it comes to growth.
  3. Stand up for the underdog.  Yes, stand up for those that are bullied or put down because of their race, sexuality, or anything that is perceived by the majority to be out of the ordinary. We live in a diverse would, so let diversity be the norm.
  4. Become friendly with strangers.  Everyone wants to know they are loved and accepted. When you offer a stranger a friendly smile and short conversation, you uplift his or her spirit.  Be friendly. Offer unconditional love. Look people in the eyes and let them see your caring personality.  Be careful with random hugs though; they might get you into trouble.
  5. Embrace your perspective.  When you have a perspective on something that others laugh at or disagree with, don’t change your perspective. Agree to disagree with them and be on your way. Be confident in who you are and what you believe. You don’t have to go around trying to defend yourself. Simply say, “Well, I respect your opinion, but I’m good with my beliefs. Have a great day!”
  6. Risk being wrong. Hey, not everyone is perfect and it’s alright if you’re wrong once in a while. Don’t keep your thoughts or ideas to yourself out of fear of being wrong or ridiculed.  Allow confidence to be your strength and voice your opinions, thoughts, and beliefs.  Don’t try to force them on others; simply share them in confidence.

Valor is honorable and you can be as brave as you’d like to be. Put these tips into action and enjoy your life. After all, that’s what we really want, right?

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