enthusiasmHave you ever found yourself tired and lethargic? You just seemed to have lost your zest for life somewhere along the way?  It’s actually pretty common as people get into daily routines and the accumulation of stress adds up. If you’ve ever met someone who has a sizable amount of enthusiasm in life, they have probably learned to utilize some tools and techniques for keeping their energy and zest for life high.  You can learn such tools too! Here are various ways you can increase your energy and enthusiasm so you don’t have to mope around from day to day in a constant state of fatigue and apathy.

“Enthusiasm spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.” Norman Vincent Peale

  1. Exercise regularly.  Get in the habit of doing some sort of physical exercise every morning. You could do a five minute routine, yoga, Pilates, or hit the gym for 30 minutes.  Getting your blood circulating and cardiovascular system excited will give you a good boost of energy that will last you throughout the day. If you do happen to become tired in the afternoon, take a few minutes and do some jumping jacks, a brisk walk, or some sort of physical activity to get your blood pumping to recharge yourself.
  2. Join an organization that you are interested in.  What makes you feel energized? Rescuing animals? Feeding the hungry? Hiking? Meeting new people? Sharing your skills?  Get involved in something that gives you energy and makes you feel alive.  Think about what you are passionate about. What talent have you put on the back burner? In what area would you like to help people?
  3. Enjoy your food and drink.  Be enthusiastic about what you eat and drink. Focus on the taste and sensations that come when you eat your favorite meal. Reach for foods that make you feel invigorated and give you energy.  (Those types of foods will most likely be healthy.) When you come to appreciate every aspect of feeding your body in healthy ways, you will feel more enthusiastic and zealous for life.
  4. Pick up a spiritual practice.  Many people who take on a spiritual practice report to feeling more energetic and enthusiastic about life.  Try out various spiritual practices and see if one makes you feel the same. There are many avenues to try, including yoga, meditation, T’ai chi, prayer, chanting, and more.
  5. Get around other energetic people.  Have you ever met someone who has incredible vibes? Didn’t you feel energized when you left their presence? Have you met someone who had negative vibes? Perhaps they complained incessantly and zapped your energy and you vowed to avoid that person from now on.  Energy radiates and penetrates, so surround yourself with those who have a zest for life and a great enthusiasm! It will affect you in a most exciting way!

Approach life with an attitude full of zeal and high energy!  Sure, problems will show up and you’ll encounter painful times, but don’t let them keep you down.  Process the feelings and let them go. You actually do have a choice in the matter!  The happiest of people on the planet aren’t void of problems, issues, annoying people, financial problems, etc. They’ve simply made a decision to not let those things have power of them.  They say, “Yeah, there’s always going to be junk coming my way, but I choose to not let it attach to me. Life is too short to be miserable!”

Don’t worry. Be happy!

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