Full Spectrum Thinking

We live in a complicated world—a world that seems to favor logic over creativity. However, the present cultural climate has us divided and struggling to decipher fact from fiction. This results in constant challenges in activating reason, accountability, and critical-thinking skills to creatively problem-solve and progress.

One of the most important practices we can implement to improve subjective well-being is to strengthen both sides of our brains in order to synthesize and amplify creativity, productivity, and positivity. 

This course teaches how to access multiple intelligences that include social, emotional, creative, and logic to tap into a wealth of skills that will increase your motivation, productivity, and success.

Cultivating Multiple Intelligences for Success

A blueprint for unlocking your brain's full potential

How to improve left-right brain synthesis to amplify critical thinking

Activities and behaviors you can implement to be more productive

How to bring fun back to the home and workplace

Strategies and tactics for activating the genius part of your brain

A powerful, hemispheric synchronization technique that triggers positive transformation and productivity in your body and mind

What you will learn from this course:

Lisa's delivery style is full of heart. This dynamic, interactive presentation offers unique opportunities for audience engagement. You leave the training equipped with the tools you need to unlock your brain's full potential!



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