Got Happiness Now?

Happiness is one of the most powerful emotions for which we live. And yet, finding and keeping joy present amidst life’s ups and downs is not only a challenge but a constant practice.

The good news is that research has proven that we can raise our happiness setpoint through attention, intention, and action. By cultivating greater emotional and social intelligence we strengthen our mental muscletone allowing us to become more flexible and resilient.

Join our introductory online course to learn applied positive psychology strategies for sustainable well-being. The art and science of happiness helps to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and transformation.

Eight Keys to Unlocking Your H-Factor

How to transform your fears into fuel for your success

How to create stability regardless of any curveballs life throws at you

How cultivate emotional well-being through positive psychology and the science of happiness

How to develop insight on how mindfulness and happiness affects the health of your brain and body

How to stay emotionally fit for a lifetime of sustainable happiness

How to actualize your biggest goals through attention, intention, and action

What you will learn from this course:

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