By Lisa Cypers Kamen, Harvesting Happiness


Sitting in court one day I was amazed at the myriad of reasons people go before a judge. From minor offenses to major life events, the sheer amount of drama found in today’s legal system is staggering.  From clerks, to bailiffs, to attorneys and their clients, everyone was navigating the legal system.


Was it frustrating? Yes.  Was it time consuming? Yes. Was there anyone in this room getting anything out of the system? Yes and No.  It got me thinking about systems and how do we sustain our level of happiness while going through a process that is largely beyond our control.

Do we throw up our hands? Do we offer up our faith? Do we simply go with the flow best we can?


All of the above.  In times when life feels beyond our control relaxing into the flow of the universe is something we can all do. This doesn’t mean we lay down your rights. This doesn’t mean we accept injustice. Nor does it mean we roll over in submission to defeat.  It does mean however that we recognize what we can change and what we cannot.  How we choose to respond to the situation is always our choice.


Do I yell at the clerk? Do I choose to sit quietly and wait my turn. Interestingly enough, while watching everyone herd through the courthouse through metal detectors in a long line in the hot sun I was surprised at the people who fought the tide and those who flowed with the tide.  We were all in the same stream. We must all pass through the same shoot.  I made my own choice to ride the wave as much as I could and did it change the outcome? No. But the process was less draining, less exhaustive and less impactful of my day.  This by far increased my own level of happiness and satisfaction because I felt in control of myself because you know what? I was, and you can be too. We can’t change most situations in life, but we can choose how we react to them.


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