Harvesting Happiness from the Inside-Out

As humans we are driven to experience as much happiness we can possibly muster. We are pleasure-seeking creatures who rely on external resources such as people and objects to define “happiness.” Positive psychology has been around for decades. It withstands the test of time with good reason because it focuses on developing and celebrating character strengths that support us in building a life of passion, purpose, place, and meaning.

Positive psychology empowers us to transform our negative narratives and transcend them into opportunities for growth. This paradigm shift allows us to move from victim to victor while learning to thrive and flourish.

This course shares the theories and research behind the elements of a good life, time-tested practices that will improve life satisfaction and well-being.

SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE: Happiness is an Inside Job©

How to flourish within a new paradigm by using the inversion theory of joy

How to regulate your internal GPS so you can thrive

How to experience sustainable joy in life

Scientifically proven techniques and tools for increasing happiness

Simple ways to tune-in to inner intelligence, which goes beyond rational thinking

What you will learn from this course:

How to access qualities that bring you fully present in the world by opening your heart and mind



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