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As a main attraction in the Global Broadcasting Networks lineup, Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio is celebrating its fourth year in broadcasting and enjoying hundreds of thousands of unique podcast downloads each month, Harvesting Happiness reminds its listeners that “Happiness is an Inside Job” every week.

Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio (HHTR), hosted by Lisa Cypers Kamen, MA, is a weekly talk radio show focused on living – and thriving – with passion, purpose, place and meaning.


“We reveal and discuss an empowering approach to life through showcasing a diverse and inspiring collection of the greatest thinkers and doers of our day all celebrating personal growth and transformation for a better world,” explains Cypers Kamen, the Founder of the Harvesting Happiness organization and the radio show’s host. As a documentary filmmaker, TEDxMalibu Producer and presenter, author, professor, Applied Positive Psychology Coach and motivational speaker, Lisa specializes in sustainable happiness, integrated wellbeing and overall mindful living. Learn more about Lisa Cypers Kamen here>>


Each week, HHTR highlights the latest research and information with topical guests in a warm and humorous approach to living a life of meaning from different angles including:

    • – Relationships
    • – Psychology
    • – Veteran Reintegration
    • – Politics
    • – Technology
    • – Conscious Capitalism
    • – Economics
    • – Science
    • – Healthy Lifestyle Management
    • – Art and Music
    • – Medicine
    • – Civilian and Veteran Trauma
    • – Addiction
    • – Mindfulness Living
    • – Secrets of Creativity
    • – Leadership
    • – Social Trends
    • – Emotional & Social Intelligence

“Each week, we feature a hand-picked, timely topic with relevant experts to really help our audience walk away with new information, strategies and ideas for living a meaningful life on purpose,” reveals Cypers Kamen.

Past show guests have included: Dan Harris, ABC News Correspondent; Dr. Todd Kashdan, Scientist and Professor of Psychology at George Mason University; Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi’s fifth grandson, speaker, author and activist; Kathy Kinney, Comedian and Actress and Marty Russo, Former Illinois Congressman and Lobbyist. Entering its fifth year of broadcasting, the global HHTR community continues to grow quickly with hundreds of thousands unique podcast downloads each month from popular platforms like TogiNet Radio, iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, BluBrry and SoundCloud.

In addition to the weekly show, the HHTR community is also supported with the weekly eZine, Happiness Headlines, blog posts and an active social media platform.
As Lisa explains, “Happiness is a choice, and we are committed to helping our fans live their best life possible from the inside out!”

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