Get out of the office and into nature to ignite creativity and problem-solving skills.

Whether you aim to defeat an old obstacle, conquer a new career goal, or ready yourself for a new life challenge, you may find a great side effect of exercising is a more free-flowing, inspired mind. During a typical Happy Trails trek, you may work on mindfulness techniques, breathing through exertion and rest, and enjoying the environment—to find your own happy place.

You will explore new terrain, both within yourself and outside, and enjoy the rewards achieved while walking through an issue:
• Letting go of the past.
• Overcoming an obstacle.
• Allowing the goodness of life to reside within you.

Whether you’re briskly blazing an unfamiliar trail, or trekking well-traveled paths, the point is to move, breathe, and actively engage with the environment. Amid the rugged mountains of Santa Monica or seaside along the beaches of Malibu, you’ll gain a fresh perspective while you exercise your body and fortify your soul.

Happy Trails is the perfect solutions-based program for the active adult who would like to make constructive use of their time Harvesting Happiness. If you have always wished to be more active, or don’t know how to get around to finally exercising, working on yourself, and enjoying all that nature offers, a Happy Trails walk will improve your life on these fronts and more.

Happy Trails walks can be arranged at the location of your choice. Depending on where you explore, they typically take one to two hours per session, but you will emerge from them cleansed of nervous energy, and ready to meet new challenges.

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