Listening—The Quietest Skill

We all hear but how many of us know how to really listen?

Learning how to be fully present and actively engage with others is one of the most powerful communication tools that impacts all relationships. Being a good listener will make us better parents, partners, and professionals. 

Active listening builds connection and is a specialized skill that demands practice. The ability to sit with another person and to hear them out with full presence and without judgment is a gift that gives a huge reward.

The best leaders are the ones who know how and when to stop talking and invite others to share their experiences. Join this course to learn the practical elements that separate basic hearing from deep listening with rewards that will transform the way we participate with others.

Silence Speaks Volumes

How to be more present and attentive

Turn off the voices in your head and tune-in to what others are saying

Observe what is being said and unsaid

Become more curious about others

Increase emotional and social intelligence

Connect and communicate to have more interesting, satisfying, and meaningful conversations

What you will learn from this course:



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