teamworkKindness and generosity are two traits that go a long way in the world.  To be kind is to shine a bright light and love toward another person who may in fact be feeling down.  One thing is for sure: There is always a need for more kindness in the world.

“For it is in giving that we receive.” –St. Francis of Assisi

Do you consider yourself kind? Are you generous?  When is the last time you did something nice for someone else? How generous are you when leaving a tip after a meal or giving toward a good cause?  For some people kindness and generosity comes naturally, but others might have to work at it. A great way to become more kind or generous is to practice regularly. Here are some easy ways you can do so:

  1. Perform three random acts of kindness each day.  Write on a piece of paper, “I will do three random acts of kindness each day.”  Then put that paper in a spot that you will see each day; Perhaps on the refrigerator or at the office.  This reminds you of your goal or you might forget.  Then each day sit quietly for a moment and think about three kind or generous things you can do for someone else. It’s great to do it anonymously! Not only will the other person feel amazing, but you will too.
  2. Leave large tips.  When you go out to eat, be sure to be generous and leave a large tip.  Give double what you normally do, as you never know how much your kindness can make a difference in the person waiting tables.
  3. Listen to people wholeheartedly.  Ask your family and friends about their days and really listen to them as they speak. Don’t interrupt to boast about your day.  Let them have your complete attention and acknowledge that you are eagerly listening. This means a lot to people. Haven’t you ever had an issue and you are talking to someone and you can tell they are not listening at all? Don’t you want to bop them on the head?  Don’t do that to others. Really listen.
  4. Send plenty of e-cards.  With just about everyone being on the internet these days, you can show kindness by sending e-cards regularly to friends, family, and strangers.  It’s simple and can really make someone’s day.
  5. Get the entire check when out to eat.  It’s common to “go Dutch” when you go out to eat with friends, but sometimes pay for the entire check.  How grateful your friend will be due to your kindness and generosity! You might even cause them to skip down the road smiling big!
  6. Give compliments often.  Compliments go a long way. You can cause someone who is frowning to smile with a simple compliment. You can do this for family, friends, and strangers. If you’re at the store, compliment the clerk. If you’re at a meeting, compliment someone in the group.  Use some wisdom and common sense when giving compliments. Be sincere and kind.

Be a person that commits to a lifestyle of kindness and generosity. As you do so, you will notice that you feel happier, because giving benefits both the giver and the recipient. So what will you do today to make someone smile?

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