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Harvesting Happiness is all about collaboration and elevating communities. When we help others to thrive and flourish, we increase not only our own happiness but the “H-Factor” in our world.

Our Partners in Joy are carefully selected and in alignment with our values to perpetuate the greater good for all.

The Ultimate Yogi

Least Among Saints

Writer/Director/Actor Martin Papazian follows the twisting path of a man’s hard-won transformation — as the unlikely pair of a haunted soldier and a lost boy find themselves becoming each other’s one last shot at redemption in his debut film LEAST AMONG SAINTS.

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The stirring journey begins with Anthony Hayward (Papazian), a veteran who has just come home from war, only to re-enter a world where he can’t seem to find any peace. Hard drinking, pent-up and on the outs with his wife, Anthony seems to have reached the end of his very frayed rope. Yet even as he spirals out of control, he can’t refuse a sudden call for help from his ten year-old neighbor, Wade (Tristan Lake Leabu), whose tough situation with a troubled mom and whose scruffy attitude cut to the bone with Anthony. When Wade’s mother suddenly O.D.’s, Anthony is left with a major moral dilemma. He can’t just walk away, so he illegally takes Wade – to the dismay of the boy’s embattled social worker (Laura San Giacomo) — and sets out on a fool’s quest to help him find his long-lost father, who might not even exist.

Yet, even as Anthony thinks he has found a new warrior’s mission to protect Wade from a harsh world, it is Wade who begins to strip Anthony’s defenses away. Bit by bit, Anthony is exposed for the man he once hoped to be as he starts coming to grips with both the costs of war and the power of human connection. As the film builds to an emotional climax, Papazian finds both the gravity and the grace in ordinary, flawed characters pushed to extraordinary acts of compassion and decency.

LEAST AMONG SAINTS is a Papazian/Hirsch production of a film written and directed by Martin Papazian starring Martin Papazian, Tristan Lake Leabu, Audrey Marie Anderson, AJ Cook, Azura Skye, Tom Irwin, Taylor Kinney, Lombardo Boyer and Ronnie Gene Blevens, with Laura San Giacomo and Charles S. Dutton. The producers are Robert A. Papazian and James G. Hirsch. The co-producers are Mary Vernieu and Jack McDaniel and the behind-the-scenes team includes cinematographer Guy Skinner, visual consultant Peter Wooley and editor Robert Florio with original music by Gary Lionelli.
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Harvesting Happiness is proud to partner with the following companies and organizations:Sundance Institute – A nonprofit organization dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences in film and theater. 1825 Three Kings Dr. I Park City, UT 84060



Tel: 435-658-3456 I Fax: 435-658-3457 I Veterans Preservation Corps – A nonprofit organization dedicated to the physical and emotional well being of homeless veterans in Los Angeles through historic restoration and preservation education, on-site job training and life coaching. 8600 Venice Blvd. I Los Angeles, California 90034, I United States PH: 310-558-8003 | FAX: 310-558-8775


Wounded Warrior Project – The mission of the Wounded Warrior Project™ (WWP) is to honor and empower wounded warriors. WWP’s purpose is to raise awareness and to enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members, to help injured servicemen and women aid and assist each other, and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet their needs. WWP is a national, nonpartisan organization headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. To get involved and learn more, visit 4899 Belfort Road, Suite 300 I Jacksonville, FL 32256 PH: 877.832.6997 I Fax: 904.296.7347


Grateful Nation at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – Grateful Nation brings together patients, families, friends, and staff of BIDMC to support the quality care and groundbreaking research at the Medical Center. 330 Brookline Avenue, (BR) I Boston, MA 02215 PH: 617.667.3345 I



Operation Gratitude – Creator of pocket-sized vision of gratitude & happiness and field tips for deployed soldiers to facilitate moments of gratitude, happiness and equanimity in adverse conditions for inclusion in 2010/11 campaign of 100,000 care packages. Operation Gratitude seeks to lift morale and put smiles on faces by sending care packages addressed to individual Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines deployed overseas. Operation Gratitude care packages contain food, hygiene products, entertainment items and personal letters of appreciation, all wrapped with good wishes of love and support.

Salus Foundation (Board Member) – The Salus Foundation works to reduce illiteracy, poverty and poor health conditions. We accomplish this by creating and supporting programs dedicated to improving the education and health of disadvantaged children and their families.

Heritage Square MuseumEstablished in 1969, Heritage Square is an open air, living-history museum comprised of eight historic buildings and residences from several Los Angeles neighborhoods. The Museum’s hand’s on training, Preservation through Practice, received generous support from the US Department of Labor, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation and the Weingart Foundation. In partnerships with Preservation Arts and New Directions, as well as support from donors and organizations such as Harvesting Happiness for Heroes, the program includes work on the museum’s historic structures, and has seen positive results in training military veterans in the true art and skill of preservation.

New Directions,I nc. – Since 1992, New Directions, Inc. has provided comprehensive services to thousands of veterans in Los Angeles County. More than 600 men and women seek assistance from the agency each year. As many as 220 veterans can receive round-the-clock care at five different residential treatment centers, and scores more visit the Veteran Support Center co-located with Chrysalis in Pacoima. The agency is also developing a 147-unit supportive housing facility for homeless and disabled veterans. New Directions offers a wide array of services. These include substance abuse treatment, counseling, remedial education, job training and placement, as well as parenting and money management classes. Legal and tax assistance are available, as is an active aftercare program and resources for alumni.

Equinox Fitness – For over 20 years, Equinox fitness clubs have provided an unparalleled member experience, setting new standards from personal training to group fitness to rejuvenating wellness treatments. The results are extraordinary. Tour the clubs and experience what ESPN calls “the best gym in America.”




There & Back AgainPrograms incorporate a variety of wellness practices including yoga, meditation, martial arts, massage therapy, acupuncture, Reiki, and many others. We provide tools to veterans so that they can participate in their own healing. Many veterans find that these wellness practices, in conjunction with traditional therapies help them manage and process their combat experience and “navigate life after war.”


Motherhood Incorporated – Motherhood Incorporated is comprised of work-at-home mothers with a wide variety of skills and services. Sandra Beck employs virtual assistants and virtual managers from all walks of life and all fields.


NYC Department of Parks & RecreationParks & Recreation is the steward of about 29,000 acres of land — 14 percent of New York City — including more than 5,000 individual properties ranging from Coney Island Beach and Central Park to community gardens and green streets. We operate more than 800 athletic fields and nearly 1,000playgrounds, 550 tennis courts, 66 public pools, 48 recreational facilities, 17nature centers, 13 golf courses, and 14 miles of beaches. We care for 1,200monuments and 23 historic house museums. We look after 600,000 street trees, and two million more in parks. We are New York City’s principal providers of recreational and athletic facilities and programs. We are home to free concerts, world-class sports events, and cultural festivals.

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health: The Pursuit of (Teaching Happiness Inc.) is a nonprofit, 5o1(c)3 organization. We are a group of educators and specialists in web design constructing a multimedia educational platform on the internet devoted to the topic of human happiness. This multimedia platform provides educators, students, and the general public with free access to clear, concise, information on the history and scientific study of human happiness, positive psychology and mental well-being in general. The website will include a broad variety of audiovisual media as well as text, to bring historical and scientific views on happiness to life. We are particularly interested in providing science-based information on the skills needed to build resilience against depression and pursue a meaningful life.


Gaiam – At Gaiam we know that positive change comes from within. Our focus on personal development, health & wellness and global consciousness shows us this path to transformation.



Aroma Chick– I’m Robin Barnette, ERYT 500 a certified yoga instructor, combining aromatherapy for health and happiness. I create the following lines of handmade products in small batches using my own blends of the finest organic essential oils. They make creative, unique gifts for yourself or a specific someone in your life.




The H(app)athon Project,  a twelve-month initiative comprised of awareness-building events, surveys and hackathons with the goal of  “Crowdsourcing a Vision for the Happiness Economy.” The H(app)athon Project wants to “hack happiness” by shifting how the world primarily looks at value or wealth via the lens of the GDP.  By utilizing emerging technology and the growing body of happiness indicators around the world, the Project seeks to empower individuals to rethink their lives based on a more holistic view of well-being and wealth that’s not all about the money.

Top Tips for Happiness in Motherhood
new york spirit magazine article by Lisa Kamen
Military Spouse Magazine
Inspire Me Today Guest Blogger Lisa Cypers Kamen

Military Connection is a woman-owned business located in Simi Valley, California, near the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. We have been in business since 1999. We take great pride in assisting many military charities. Our mission is to serve the active military including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, the Reserves including Army Reserve, Navy Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Marine Reserve and the National Guard. We are also honored to serve Veterans, retirees, DoD civil servants and their spouses and dependents.

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