Consumers expect personalized experiences from brands, and data is the key to delivering on that promise and improving the overall consumer experience. The goal of market research is to fully grasp the reasons consumers will use your service or buy your product. Studies on consumer behavior, including how cultural, societal, and personal factors influence that behavior are key to getting started in business

Qualitative market research recruiting. The experience era is here.

Nowadays, modern buyers in the experience era want a consumer journey that connects them not only via digital channels and touch points, but through customized interactions, offers, and experiences. If a company fails to acknowledge the consumers’ shift toward wanting a delightful experience when interacting with a brand, it will likely fail to reach the summit of business success. 

Your needle in the haystack: how to find your unique niche

We find needles in the haystack with our niche market research recruiting service. And with our founder, Lisa Cypers Kamen’s special skill and passion to connect with people and perform qualitative research recruiting for the greater good of humanity. 

Over the years, Lisa has worked with highly targeted and obscure people, places, and things for companies in need of study participants for market research that supports design thinking and new product development. Our team is made up of individual information geeks that love to troll cyberspace for data related to mental health, personal growth, and lifestyle management. There are so many unique voices out there that must be heard! We’ll help you find yours.

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