Recognizing that professionals are diversely wired but united on a mission of performance and productivity, REBOUND & REBOOT facilitates workforce team members on a journey of reflection and meaning-making as we collectively adjust to the certainty of change in uncertain times.

Using applied positive psychology strengths-based interventions, individuals and teams will be empowered with skills that catalyze greater personal and collective well-being during periods of transition and adaptation to a new normal.

Smart companies recognize that the only constant is change and the ability to pivot swiftly, responsibly, and effectively are the hallmarks of good leadership. Times of crisis can be frightening and destabilizing. This makes us feel anxious and out of control. At the same time, crisis can also inspire incredible creativity and growth opportunities.

Rebound & Reboot teaches psycho-social dynamics that support an inclusive and mindful process for optimal personal and collective back-to-work reintegration.

Optimal Lifestyle Practices for Professionals

What you will learn from this course:

Healthy engagement strategies that support operational continuity, employee morale, and productive collaboration

Best wellness practices that support self-care, family life, and communities

The benefits of positive psychology and how the science of happiness and its pursuit behind affects everything we do

Inner management and how to navigate fear, stress, anxiety, and depression in times of uncertainty

Effective communication skills

How to become more resilient



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