Life is stressful. As humans we are called upon to multi-task and perform a variety of roles every single day—sometimes all at once. Stress comes with the territory. But what happens when there is no pause button and the stress keeps mounting without find the relief you need? 

Excessive amounts of chronic stress and constant demands that require response/action can eventually become unsustainable. This can lead to the development of bigger problems that affect our health, well-being, performance, relationships, and how we function.

Chronic stress wreaks havoc to our bodies, minds, and spirits. It impacts the way we think and operate. Changes in sleep patterns, eating habits, mood, behaviors, and substance use are red flags indicating that stress levels are reaching overload and we are in need of a reset.

This course offers constructive strategies that will internally and externally help you learn how to lower your stress levels and improve self-care.

Inner-Ventions to Recalibrate and Rebalance Life

Recognize the signs of Stress Overload Syndrome (S.O.S.)

Simple interventions to curb out-of-control feelings

How to release anxiety and worry

Techniques to help you return to the present reality

What you will learn from this course:

Proactive steps to reduce stress symptoms and increase peace of mind



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