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 Coaching + Sober Support System + Facilitator 

Lisa Cypers Kamen, Lifestyle Management Consultant

Inspiration & Motivation + Recovery for Addiction, Trauma, Life Crises

Positive Psychology Coaching

Harvesting HappinessGot goals? Coaching gets you there through attention, intention, and action.

Life coaching is a valuable tool supporting personal and professional goals including lifestyle management of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Life coaching provides accountability and cheerleading to help you move from the life you imagine to the life you actually live.

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Happy Trails Integrated Wellness Walks

happy-trails-harvesting-happinessGet out of the office and into nature to ignite creativity and problem solving skills.

While the Freudian psychoanalysts of yore favored the couch as vehicle to the tangled morass of a patient’s subconscious fears and desires, Lisa’s Happy Trails treks literally move clients through gorgeous local terrain while working on the issues that brought them to a Life Coach in the first place.

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Recovery Support

Harvesting Happiness Recovery SupportBuilding a solid accountability partnership for your healing journey from addiction and life crisis to transformation and growth.

Despite the self-destructive and bewildering ways addicts act, the disease of addiction is not a behavior issue that can be overcome with discipline and will power. Even addicts have difficulty with the idea that their substance abuse and dependence is a disease that needs constant treatment, which could account for the high rate of relapse after an addict decides to stop using, or after discharge from a treatment facility.

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Qualitative Research Recruiter

Using applied positive psychology tools to connect with real people in real circumstances to better understand the habits, behaviors, and needs of individuals and groups. Employing kindness, empathy, compassion, curiosity, wonder, interest, and persistence in partnering with corporations and people to help seek answers to questions about the human experience and what gives it meaning.

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Professional Endorsements

Lisa Cypers Kamen is an intelligent, compassionate, and experienced recovery and lifestyle management practitioner. I have worked closely with Lisa on numerous complex dual-diagnoses cases.  Lisa has a calm and empathetic approach, which I have seen help stabilize and heal clients. She has great energy, is highly motivating, and helps clients who have been struggling to just survive begin to thrive. Lisa is also very creative and uses out-of-the-box thinking to manage even the most difficult cases.

Tracy Gottbetter, LMFT

Clinical Supervisor, Ventura Recovery Center

Lisa Cypers Kamen is a gifted recovery practitioner, coach, and accountability partner who is trained in a wide range of modalities to assist those who seek healing from addiction, trauma, mental health issues, and other personal crises. She meets her clients where they are and helps them proactively move forward in life by gently helping them identify realistic mission-driven goals and timelines that lead a wide range of clients toward positive choices that are realistic and measurable. Lisa is recognized for her applied positive psychology interventions as well as emphasizing the value of challenges as a catalyst for transcendence and transformation of their post-traumatic stress into post-traumatic growth

Dr. Noerena Abookire, Ph.D.

Grief, Loss, and Addiction Recovery Specialist

It is unique to find a person that brings to their job a high energy, interest, expertise and experience. Lisa Cypers Kamen is such a recovery and lifestyle management practitioner. She has radiant energy, acute listening skills, years of experience in dealing with dual diagnoses cases, and a depth of knowledge in all aspects of personal well-being, combined with a sincere personal interest in her clients.

I’ve had the pleasure of working collaboratively with Lisa on a variety of complex cases. Her genuine care and compassion differentiates her from the crowd, as she is an inspiration to her colleagues, clients, and their families. Lisa is an inspiring blend of energetic optimism and deeply empathic spiritual awareness, which most positively impacts her client’s recovery.   She is an exemplary professional who possesses a strong work ethic, and high level of motivation for her client’s well-being and lifestyle transformation.

Gitty V. Rassouli Psy.D., ATR

Vantage Point Recovery and Lifestyle Management Center

Lisa Cypers Kamen is well-studied and uses her far-reaching collection of resources and information for effective and practical problem solving. When assigned to a case she always gives 110% and is relentless in her dedication to helping others achieve their goals. Lisa is dependable and reliable in all areas of care. She carries a spirit of victory that is contagious to be near and her work is unique, admirable and exceptional.

Lisa offers a distinct and creative method to Lifestyle Management Coaching by combining personal empowerment with affirming guidance. She leads clients through an inward path of self-awareness to find personal meaning, passion and inner strength. As clients begin to connect with themselves they find their inner guide along with self-validation helping them to overcome personal barriers and struggles that have long existed giving them a new sense of direction. Lisa encourages clients to challenge self-imposed limitations and test the waters by exploring new and innovative ways of thinking leading to freedom and happiness.

Rhonda David, MS, LMFT

Crossbridge Counseling

Working closely with Lisa in an outpatient clinical setting, I was afforded an opportunity on more than one occasion, to witness first-hand her commitment, skill, and no-non-sense approach with several particularly challenging individuals.  Her ability to motivate and encourage during difficult work while simultaneously providing a safe and nurturing environment demonstrated to me her effectiveness as an agent for happiness and change not only with her clients but in my own life and work as well.  Her kind, welcoming and awesome spirit are but a few of the gems that make her an effective healer and guide.

Andrew Leone, Psy.D.

Harvesting Happiness Lisa Cypers Kamen

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insight, wit, and tips for thriving
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