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Lisa is an internationally recognized, award-winning and media-savvy Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Author, Applied Positive Psychology Consultant, Documentary Film Maker, TEDx Speaker, FOX News Radio Happiness Expert, and the Executive Producer & Host of Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio. Through her globally syndicated podcast, books, media appearances, and film, she has impacted millions of people around the world for more than a decade and counting.

Her work is a great fit for conferences, conventions, team-building events, Military/Veteran events (all branches), college and universities, schools, healthcare and well-being functions, private workshops, retreats, cruise lines, spas and more…

#sample presentation menu

Harvesting Happiness for Skeptics & Seekers: How positive psychology works to improve emotional & social intelligence
Motivating & Leading with Joy: How to be the CEO of yourself while inspiring others to deliver their best
Post Inaugural Stress Symptoms (PISS’d Off): How to reclaim joy in the midst of chaos ( clean & politically neutral)
Positive Motivation & Mood Smoothers: Reframing perspective for a more optimistic life
Rested: Self-care in a harried world & solutions for restorative sleep & well-being
Digital Detox for Stress Junkies & Control Freaks: Mindful management of technology & ourselves
Adult Recess: Creative play for happier & more productive grown-ups
Polishing the Gems of Humanity: Practicing kindness, compassion, empathy & civility
De-stigmatizing Mental Health Care: Normalizing psychological support for integrated wellness
How to Buy Happiness: A social capital approach to purchasing happiness…it’s not what you think!

…Have something else in mind? Let’s brainstorm to curate the best presentation for your event!

Harvesting Happiness provides customized “edu-tainment” presentations that will improve your audience’s mental muscle-tone, uplift them with optimism, and give them a toolkit to help increase emotional and social intelligence.

Lisa infuses science and heart, humor and gravitas to support others in cultivating sustainable happiness and well-being—regardless of life’s drama, trauma, or challenges. Her work offers inspiring and practical tips, keys, and exercises that boost your “Happiness-Factor” to new levels and provide audiences with how to tap into the joy we all deserve. Presentations are unique and provide a customized interactive experiential program using media, props, and exercises that will motivate any audience to get off its feet, out of its head, and into a happier mood with improved lasting emotional fitness.

Please connect with us! We’d love to learn about your audience, your needs, and your event goals. Interactive props are used for each presentation. Books and films are also available for “back-of-the-house” sales.


Lisa Cypers Kamen, MA, is an internationally recognized applied positive psychology coach, author, speaker, documentary filmmaker, and the creator as well as host of the popular Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio show. Lisa’s global practice focuses on addiction as well as trauma and life-crisis recovery to help clients balance their minds, bodies, and emotions, create greater overall well-being, and transform Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) into Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG). Lisa is a frequent radio, television, and print media guest expert, TEDx speaker and contributor to The Huffington Post, Positively Positive, and Inspire Me Today, and is the Fox News Radio Happiness Expert.

Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio broadcasts consciously crafted brain food from the beaches of Malibu, California. Each week Lisa mindfully curates purpose-driven on-demand radio focusing on personal growth, human-interest, self-improvement, healthy lifestyle, positive wellbeing and psycho-social education for skeptics and seekers around the world.

Lisa is also the founder of Harvesting Happiness for Heroes is a 501 (c)(3) offering stigma-free integrated combat trauma recovery services to warriors and their loved ones. HH4Heroes supports the transformation of Post-Traumatic (PTS) into Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG).

Harvesting Happiness
Harvesting Happiness

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