Nurture Your Inner Spirit Harvesting Happiness

Stop, Drop, and Nurture Your Inner Spirit

by Lisa Cypers Kamen

Stop. Take a breather. Take a reality break. Turn off the phone for a day. Turn off the news for awhile. Stop the rushing, stop the noise, stop the stress…just stop. Sit down for a moment and breathe.  Take an hour and breathe.  Take an hour, a day or a week, but take some time out for sanity’s sake.

Has the concept of “rest” become a dirty word in our work-centric culture?  Eliminating the external chaos on a regular basis is a mandatory tool for survival not only during these days of challenge but also throughout a lifetime.  We must take time to recharge and refuel by balancing our mind, body and spirit.  We don’t need much to find our balance other than a momentary reprieve from the onslaught of external stressors imposed upon us from the outside world.

When you take the time to nurture your inner spirit, you make the choice for happiness.  When we give our mind and body a break from the demands of daily life, we make the choice for happiness.  Yes, happiness is a choice.  There is the old cliché, choose it or lose it, and when it comes to happiness, there are conscious choices to be made.  This may leave you wondering, what is your happiness? These are very good questions indeed.

If we become so busy with life that we never stop to take a breath and find some measure of peace, happiness will forever be the golden ring we never catch.  If we never make any conscious effort at all to balance our total being of mind-body-spirit, happiness will be the pot of gold we never find.  If you would like to be happy, make the choice for happiness.  Make the simple choice for yourself.

About the Author
Lisa Cypers KamenLisa Cypers Kamen is a lifestyle management consultant who explores the art and science of happiness in her work as a speaker, author, and happiness expert. Through her globally syndicated positive psychology podcast, books, media appearances, and documentary film, Kamen has impacted millions of people around the world.

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