Stress Overload Syndrome (SOS): Intervention for Our Hectic Modern Lives

Modern life is full of demand, deadlines, frustration, hassle, and challenges. Stressful situations are commonplace, but chronic stress is slowly killing us. Sure some stress is O.K. because it keeps us on our toes, but when stress becomes chronic, it changes the brain’s function and even its structure down to the level of our DNA.

Chronic stress creates free radicals that kill brain cells causing forgetfulness, anxiety, depression, and overly emotional responses to life’s circumstances. Is it time to get serious and do something about Stress Overload Syndrome (SOS)?

During the presentation you learn:

  • How to increase your happiness and peace of mind;
  • Simple interventions to curb out-of-control feelings;
  • How to release excessive worry;
  • Techniques to help you return to the present reality;
  • Proactive steps to reduce symptoms of stress; and
  • Ways to stay cool, calm, and collected despite life’s inevitable setbacks.

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