Virtual Assistant Position

I appreciate you taking the time to check out this position.  Please read through the following to learn more about what I am looking for.  If this opportunity sounds like a great fit for you then read the instructions at the end of this document on how to apply.

What is a Virtual Assistant?  A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. (definition from Wikipedia)

Job Description and Duties

I am a Positive Psychology Coach and I stay busy with writing, content creation, my radio show, speaking and more.  We are a positive psychology coaching company promoting happiness, wellbeing and all things good with style.  The majority of the time you will be working with my online business manager. This position will mainly be Social Media Marketing, Audio-Summit Management and Webinar Production but here are all of the tasks that you may be doing but not limited to:

– social media marketing
– general admin
– basic Infusionsoft
– organizing events
– scheduling meetings/managing appointments
– blog posting (not writing but editing and scheduling to post)

What it Takes

To be our social media savvy, on-the-case marketer to create and deploy multiple campaign content through FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinetrest, Google, etc… must have serious experience, be able to respond and engage community. Out-of-the-box creativity essential. Also must be a creative collaborator with a team spirit and the courage to dream big.

Must know WordPress, have basic graphic skills although real design ability will be a BIG+.  Someone with a sense of humor, deductive and a self-starter that does NOT need hand-holding.

Please give specific examples of Social Media experience in your proposal.

Administrative support experience is great but not required.  If you know how to organize your life, you might be good at helping me do the same. You do need to be able to type, somewhat internet savvy, and have an interest in business.   If you’re unorganized or don’t like being told what to do, this is not the right job for you. Being organized and a good communicator is essential for this role as a virtual assistant.


I need a commitment of 5 hours a week Monday-Friday to start and possibly up to 10 hours.  I am flexible as long as we establish a consistent schedule and daytime hours are required.

Pay is based on experience. There will be a 30 day period to test drive one another so that we can both determine this is going to be a fit.  Due to the nature of my business there is plenty of opportunity for growth. This is a 1099 independent contractor position and you will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Does this opportunity sound like a great fit for you?

Email your resume to Sara at and on a separate document answer the following questions:

  1. What about this opportunity interests you, in other words why do you want to apply for this?
  2. Briefly describe your prior social media experience
  3. List your top 3 hard skills (Google hard and soft skills if you don’t know what this is)
  4. List your top 3 soft skills
  5. What is one area (either in business or personal) that could use some improvement?
  6. Give me a detailed example of a time you had to use problem solving skills (this could also be in business or personal life).
  7. List any software programs you are comfortable using (and have).  For examples PowerPoint, Word, etc.
  8. Do you currently work?  If yes what is your current schedule/workload?
  9. What country/time zone are you located in?

We will be contacting potential candidates by email to set up interviews in approximately 2 weeks.

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